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Published on 2012-06-02 and tagged for Toronto

Community research study about mental health, substance use and health care access seeks trans participants

Are you a trans person or a person of trans experience? 
Do you identify as having a serious* mental health and/or substance use issue? 
Are you a client of Sherbourne Health Centre, Scadding Court Community Centre or CAMH? 
We are interested in hearing about your experiences trying to get health care.

We are specifically looking for people who are current clients of Sherbourne Health Centre, Scadding Court Community Centre or CAMH.  If eligible, folks will participate in an interview that takes approx 1 hour and will receive $21.  Participants have the option of being interviewed by a trans person (me).   ASL interpretation is available. 
This is a community based research project being done in partnership with consumer/survivor communities, with research team members from CAMH, Sherbourne Health Centre, The Empowerment Council, PARC, Scadding Court Community Centre, Somerset West Community Health Centre (SWCHC), The Ontario College of Family Physicians (OCFP) and Dr. Simone Vigod from Women’s College Hospital.  For more info about the project and team, please see 
*Project definition of a serious mental health and/or substance use issue 
This study is for people who self-identify as having a mental health and/or substance use issue that is on-going.  We are looking for people whose mental health and/or substance use issues have impacted their quality of life, although they may have experienced periods of recovery or well-being. Participants may have been diagnosed with a psychiatric condition and/ or an addiction, although this is not a requirement. We are interested in hearing from people who have experiences of being excluded or marginalized.  Our team does not consider Gender Identity Disorder/Gender Incongruence to be a mental health issue or psychiatric condition. 
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to participate.  Scott Anderson: 416-535-8501 x7380 
Scott Anderson 
Research Coordinator 
Health Systems and Health Equity Research Group 
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health 

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