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Published on 2012-06-09 and tagged for Canada

You're Fabulous - An amazing collection of Queer Stories

You're Fabulous!!!

Lulu@onmyplanet.ca!/ is an LGBTQ positive website - part online queer community centre, part inclusive educational is home to The Queer Story Archive,  an ever-expanding collection of life experience stories, on video and in text, from queer people of all ages, genders, orientations and cultures. also has a support and referral network, and in development is 'Work It Out', an online therapeutic workbook for reducing homophobia and sexual prejudice. 

PS: We are hoping to gain support for from LGBTQ communities everywhere. If you would please share this information with your interest group,  team,  choir,  band,  discussion group,  synchro swim team, community network,  your fans,  co-workers,  friends,  family,  facebook friends,  your twitter list, your entire email list and with anyone you think might be interested in participating or supporting us in any way shape or form, we would greatly appreciate it.  The more stories the better!!! Thanks for your help. 

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