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Published on 2012-06-16 and tagged for Toronto

Queers for Social Justice

There is a new coalition in the Toronto Queer Community - Queers for Social Justice. The group is made up of queer community groups, organizations and causes. It has come together to bring a unified message of social justice and politics to Pride. The group was formed at a community town hall meeting for queers on May 27, 2012. 
Queers for Social Justice (QFSJ) will have a strong visual presence throughout Pride 2012: 
At the parade we will have signs, fans and stickers to carry our message: Queers for Social Justice -- Celebrate! Demonstrate! Agitate! We want organizations and individuals to use our visuals to present a unifying message to show their politics and pride. 
Over the course of Pride Week, Queers for Social Justice (QFSJ) will sponsor a number of actions, including a Night March, several Die-Ins and a Community Picnic. We extend an invitation to all queers to come out to these events. Details of the events will be released closer to Pride Week. 
You can help the group by: 
1. Sending out this letter or our mission statement (enclosed) to all your members and other organizations you know in the queer community. There are two ways to receive information about QFSJ and its activities. 
Sign up with Google groups:!forum/toronto-queers-for-social-justice 
And/or on Facebook: Queers for Social Justice. 
We will have a Twitter account soon. 
2. Make a donation to cover costs for placards and stickers. Get in touch with Jordan or Tony (email below) to get details.   
3. Order placards that say “Queers for Social Justice - Celebrate”, “Queers for Social Justice - Demonstrate”, “Queers for Social Justice - Agitate”. There will also be stickers that say: “Queers for Social Justice -- Celebrate! Demonstrate! Agitate!” They will be in two sizes 2 1/2inches round for individual stickers and 8 inches square for stickers to be placed on banners/placards/signs. We can email you a copy of the placards/stickers. 
For more information please get in touch with: 
Jordan Bond-Gorr: 
Tony Souza: 

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