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Published on 2012-07-21 and tagged for Toronto

Mount Sinai Hospital Introduces Gender Identity Policy

Mount Sinai Hospital is once again demonstrating its commitment to equity and respect for all members of the Hospital community. Along with the Hospital’s senior leadership team, the Human Rights & Health Equity office is proud to announce that Mount Sinai has passed a new Gender Identity Policy.   The policy took over a year to complete and included community consultations with key groups and health experts within the trans* community. The Gender Identity Policy outlines guidelines for the fair treatment of all trans, intersex and two-spirit patients and staff at Mount Sinai. It ensures the Hospital is a safe environment for all members of the community and protects trans patients and staff against any form of discrimination or harassment.   Mount Sinai is one of the only hospitals in Ontario to have a policy that firmly acknowledges and respects all gender identities. The policy is a momentous step forward for the Hospital.

"It’s important for us to understand the barriers that the trans, intersex and two-spirit community experience when accessing health care. Not only is this policy a testament to Mount Sinai Hospital’s position as a leader in health equity, but it’s coming at a historic time. With gender identity and gender expression officially becoming prohibited grounds of discrimination under the Ontario Human Rights Code, we as a Hospital are doing everything we can to protect our trans, intersex and two-spirit patients and staff" said Narina Nagra, Human Rights & Health Equity Specialist.   To read the policy, click here.   For more information, contact the Human Rights & Health Equity office at 416-586-4800 ext. 7519 or

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