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Published on 2012-08-19 and tagged for Toronto

A message from CAMH's Gender Identity Clinic

Clinic Head Dr. Christopher McIntosh and staff psychologist Dr. Nicola Brown wish to extend our deepest condolences to community members mourning the loss of Kyle Scanlon. We appreciate the magnitude of his loss both personally and professionally for many. 
We have been thinking about what role we might play in the call to better support community leaders in particular, some of whom may feel isolated by the nature of their leadership role and/or that they know others in helping roles too well to feel they can avail themselves of services within community agencies. 
Our capacity for psychotherapy is quite limited given how stretched the clinic is at this time, but we would welcome people in community leadership roles to approach us if they wish to be connected to a provider for therapy. We have identified two providers, one inside the clinic (Psychology Intern, senior Ph.D. candidate) and one allied with the clinic and at CAMH (MSW) who can each take on clients in the near future; with some short and  longer-term options available. Sessions are covered by OHIP, with a health card. Individuals should be aware that because of CAMH’s integrated electronic charts, it is not possible for therapy notes to be separate from the general electronic record.

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