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Published on 2012-10-20 and tagged for Toronto

Providing drug education workshops for youth in YOUR community - SESSIONS: Pass the knowledge on the left-hand side...


Real Conversations. Real Information. Real Skills.

The STARS Project at Delisle Youth Services is offering a series of 10, drug education workshops free of charge at your agency, organization, school, or youth group. Our skilled and experienced facilitators will come to your location or we can provide workshop space. All the details are below. Please contact Maria Papadimitriou at for more information or to book SESSIONS.

SESSIONS Workshops: Pass the knowledge on the left-hand side

What?: Free non-judgmental drug education workshops for youth. We talk about reasons why we use (or not), how drugs work in our bodies, how they can benefit us, how they can hurt us and how we can make informed choices for ourselves.

Why?: Because everyone should have a safe space to talk about drugs openly and honestly. Participants get free food, volunteer hours and TTC fare at every workshop.

Who?: We would like to offer SESSIONS to youth ages 13-21 in your community. We can run the workshops in your space free of charge!

How?: Call, text or email Maria Papadimitriou for more information.



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