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Published on 2013-10-12 and tagged for Toronto

SPUNK! A New Support Group for Substance-Using Gay, Bi, Trans, 2-Spirit, Queer Guys!

The AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT) is running a new support group called SPUNK!. We would like to tell you about it and ask if you could please pass along this information and attached posters.

The group emerges from the expressed community need for a supportive space that goes beyond the brief and intermittent contact of outreach, where participants can safely explore substance use and sexuality. The focus of the group will be open and honest exploration of participant’s relationships to drugs and alcohol, and sexual health with the goal of making a positive life change.

Who is SPUNK! for:
Gay/Bi/Trans/2-Spirit/Queer/MSM men ages 19 and over who use substances and are in a pre- and early stages of contemplating change.

What is it:
A free and confidential 6 week group for guys that use drugs or alcohol and want a safe place to talk about the ways that substances impact our lives. Previous group members have found the skills and tools that they learned in SPUNK! to be very useful in their day to day lives. It is a non-judgmental space to set goals of moderation, abstinence, or continued use but with an intention of getting rid of some of the side-effects of use.

When and Where:
SPUNK! takes place on Tuesdays Nights from 7-8:30pm for 6 weeks in a row starting at the end of October. Group meetings take place at the ACT office, 399 Church street, Toronto, Ontario M5B 2J6.

Prior to beginning SPUNK! interested individuals will need to have a meeting with the group facilitator to talk about what they want to get out of the group and too make sure SPUNK! is right for them.


For more information contact Nathan Ataide at

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