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Published on 2012-01-29 and tagged for Toronto

Women’s Coming Out Group @ The 519

The Women’s Coming Out Group is a peer support group for all queer and questioning women to discuss and share the experience of coming out. This group meets to discuss topics such as coming out to your family, coming out at school or in the workplace, coming out in a heterosexual relationship, coming out as a bisexual woman when previously identified as a lesbian (and other topics related to labels), coming out for trans women, coming out as a woman of colour, recognizing and overcoming internalized homophobia, among other discussion topics (as directed by the group each week). This group is inclusive of women of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, gender* and queer identities.

The group meets every Wednesday from 8:00pm – 9:30pm. The group just started last week so it's not in the 519 website yet. Just show up and you'll see the room location listed on the screen above the front desk.

*Cis gendered men are encouraged to participate in the Coming Out, Being Out (mixed gender) support group which is held directly before the Women’s Coming Out Group.

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