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Published on 2012-02-25 and tagged for Canada

Support for Gender Independent Children's Books

Bear and I are looking for people to get involved with what I am thinking of as "Community Supported Arts". A couple of years ago, inspired by an invitation to Gender Spectrum's Family Conference Bear wrote two children's books about gender independent children. Not books that explained the existence of gender independent children, not books that talked about transition, but stories that happen to include gender independent children. We've been trying to find them a publisher, and keep getting the answer of "they are good stories, but there is no market" Except I know they are needed. So, in the absence of a publisher, he's found brilliant queer illustrators, a print broker, and we are launching our own press, Flamingo Rampant to create books and more for gender independent children and their families. The plan is to publish Bear's two books initially, and then look add adding other titles and resources.

I am asking people to take a look at our project, and if they can, support it. If you can't support it, but like the idea, please pass it on. There are rewards for different levels of support and even a dollar is helpful (and gets a reward). Yes, we have achieved the original goal, and will be able to print the books, but are aspiring to reach a new goal so we can print the books and create a video story book that will be available as a pay-what-you-can download. There's lots more about this over at the Kickstarter site, 

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