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Published on 2012-04-12 and tagged for Durham

Extreme homophobia from Oshawa based newspaper, response from Marko Ivancicevic

My Response in relation to the current issue with Oshawa/Durham Central Newspaper concerning Homophobia

I am writing you today, to bring attention to a local issue that effect’s the LGBT community.

The Owner/Editor of the Oshawa/Durham Central, a local newspaper, has made discriminatory comments about a PFLAG gala that occurred in Oshawa recently. They are attacking PFLAG, the LGBT community, City/Regional Councillor Amy England and City Councillor Bruce Wood.

In the article, many homophobic statements and references are made by the writer and also other individuals who apparently sent in their comments, the owner/editor decided to print these comments. One comment includes reference to Amy England’s on stage performance as taking part in a “freak convention”.

I recommend that the Oshawa/Durham Central retract their claims and comments related to PFLAG, the LGBT Community, Councillor Amy England and Councillor Bruce Wood, as this hate mongering is unacceptable in this day-in-age.

Homophobia promoted in the media cannot be tolerated. The Media cannot get away with printing this type of outlandish material as it perpetuates the problem that many individuals have fought against for so many years.

I am proud of our City and the article does not do our City any justice at all. It only casts a very dark cloud over Oshawa. This article does not represent Oshawa.

This type of negative attack towards the LGBT community cannot be accepted has already been met with much opposition. This also includes some of his advertisers pulling out their ads because they do not want to be associated with these types of attacks on their community.

I commend the many people who have spoken out against this situation and I am flabbergasted that the owner/editor continues to attack many individuals who have stood up and defended the many people affected by his hate-driven articles. 

Please take the time to read the article in the link below and help to end this type of discriminatory behaviour by contacting fellow supporters or other media sources. – Front page is where it begins. Page 5 is the full article. On page 10 there is another column as well.

In Solidarity,
Marko Ivancicevic

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