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Published on 2012-05-06 and tagged for Ontario

Call To Action - Trans Human Rights

Call To Action:

Toby's Act is a private member's bill introduced by New Democratic Party Whip MPP Cheri DiNovo on February 21, 2012. This is the fourth time DiNovo has introduced this bill. 

Toby's Act would amend the Ontario Human Rights Code to include gender identity and gender expression which would explicitly prohibit  harassment and discrimination against transsexual and transgender people. It is scheduled for 2nd Reading on May 10, 2012 around 2pm. 

Toby's Act is co-sponsored by Progressive Conservative Deputy Leader MPP Christine Elliott and Ontario Liberal Party President MPP Yasir Naqvi. 

Contact your MPP by telephone, email, letter to tell them: It is Time to Deliver on Trans Human Rights!!! 

Susan Gapka
Trans Lobby Group, Chair 

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